NTNUI neste oppgave

Studentlaget motstander i lørdagens cupdyst.

Stjørdals-Blink Fotball gyver løs på årets NM lørdag. Motstander i 1.runde er NTNUI, et lag som i en rekke år var en meget utfordrende motstander i seriespillet i 3.div., kjennetegnet med fryktløshet, lekenhet og gode individuelle spillere.

Nå er Blink to divisjoner over i seriespillet, men cup er cup. Trener Tom Dent ser slik på utfordringen som venter:

-This game is an important game for us, but also a nice game to play where we can put our focus on something different. OBOS has been intense because of the long term affects. However if you speak to any of the players and coaches, they will tell you cup games are always cool to be a part of. 

-As an englishman, we always grew up with the magic of the FA cup, the oldest cup competition in football. In addition to this the cup run of 2016 still lives on in the memory, and the excitement that the cup generates is something that cannot be matched in the league. I hope there are some people from Stjørdal that take a trip to watch the game, where they will see a team that wants to go out and put on a show. But this is a game that I really look forward as I know the players do. 

-NTNUI will not make this easy for us however. They have been waiting a long term to play a competitive game again, and they have 18 months of energy frustrations and excitement to bring out to this game. We are not underestimating them in the slightest, we have done some homework on them, although we have mainly focussed on us. We have to prove we are good enough, and we have to wear the favourite badge with pride. But we also need to make sure when the whistle goes we act like it as well. When the whistle goes it doesn’t matter what the division is between the teams standing, it just becomes 11v1.

-There will be a cup shock somewhere this weekend, there always is in the first round. But we will do everything to make sure it is not us who suffers that fate.

Kampstart på Koteng Arena er kl. 15. Hæsjrampen har meldt sin ankomst. Hva med deg? 

Nedzad Sisic & Blink i seriekamp mot NTNUI på Lade i 2014-sesongen.


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